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  • new page Dangerous Elementras
    created by Alow0056
    New page: Currently an unknown species but known for their dangerous features, which can be venom, poison, radiation particles, and plenty more. They haven't...
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  • new page Fire elementra
    created by Alow0056
    New page: m
    Summary: ,
  • edit Ice Elementra
    edited by Alow0056 diff
    Summary: .-.
  • new page Elementra Facts
    created by Alow0056
    New page: Elementras tend to live for a long time, the longest record was 459 years. Elementra years are the same as in human years. When an Elementra has...
    Summary: boop
  • new page Elementra Eggs
    created by Alow0056
    New page: Elementra babies are referred to as cubs. The cubs start off as an egg, it's shell color matching it's scale color, and the pattern showing its...
    Summary: boop
  • new page The Elementra Mountain
    created by Alow0056
    New page: The Elementra Mountain is a meeting place for the highest Elementra pack of their type, which is chosen by the queen, a home for several Elementras...
  • new page Ice Elementra
    created by Alow0056
    New page: Ice Elementras have only recently been discovered, and studies show they have a population of under 500. They are territorial and prefer to be in a...
    Summary: everything boi
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by Rappy 4187

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